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Are you curious about Cyber Security or Nano Electronics or Hybrid Vehicles or similar domains? But never understood how to learn it from a beginner level? Here, at SATA HUB we provide you a platform where like-minded individuals interact with mentors having experiential knowledge in the same fields you've always wanted to learn and master in it. Our Hub aims at providing guidance for 15 such broad domains in the field of Engineering. We aim at introducing an interactive education system here in BMU. You can exchange information, share ideas, work on any project and make things happen but where? Here, in the SATA HUB with us.

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In an ever-changing market, finding the right trade and a fitting training program might seem like an impossible task. SATA HUB, which was founded by Srikar Kodavati (President) & Likhitha Pallerla (Vice-President) under the guidance of our mentors – Dr. Koushik & Dr. Sridharbabu. Our core team includes Nidadavolu Chukshith & Paidi Praneeth.


At SATA HUB, we’re committed to providing the highest quality education focused on leadership, innovation and advanced skills. Our program is flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. So if you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, learn a new trade and make new friends - get in touch today.


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